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Welcome to Parker!

The F. W. Parker Elementary School, built in 1916 and renovated in 1995, was named for the first Superintendent of Schools in Quincy, Col. Francis W. Parker. A neighborhood school in the heart of North Quincy, Parker has students in grades Kindergarten through Grade 5. The professional staff of full-time classroom teachers and interventionists is highly educated and continues to take advantage of professional development opportunities. The faculty and staff are supplemented by additional part-time individuals in order to provide various support services.

The core curriculum includes up-to-date resource materials. Beyond the core academic areas, our students participate in physical education, music, art, and media classes. All third graders learn to read music by playing the recorder. All fourth and fifth graders are invited to learn to play an instrument and join the school band as well as the city-wide band. All fifth graders participate in the chorus and are a part of our Peer Leader program, which offers monthly leadership opportunities on a rotating basis, emphasizing social responsibility. Our school community participates in Project Wisdom, a character development program that teaches responsible behavior and good citizenship.

We have a strong School Council and a knowledgeable Assessment Team who lead the staff in annual goal-setting for continual school improvement as we strive to meet the diverse needs of our students. In addition, our PTO raises funds to provide resources for enrichment and other projects.

Message from the Principal of Parker School:

Ms. Margaret MacNeilIt is with great pride that I welcome you to the F. W. Parker Elementary School. At Parker, we strive to plant the seeds of lifelong learning in our students every day.

Recognizing that each child comes to school with unique talents and gifts, we carefully and consciously create opportunities for each of them to unwrap those gifts in individualized ways, enabling them to access our comprehensive curriculum, based on the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks.

As a community, we believe that elementary education is about nurturing a love of learning while providing a framework of comprehensive skills that enable each learner to know how to learn. At Parker School, children and adults work together, collaboratively, toward common goals. We provide opportunities for our students to learn the expectations of community, government, and society. Perhaps most importantly, our work at Parker School provides children with opportunities to learn about themselves.

Our learning environment is organized as a collaborative learning community: where children are valued and nurtured, parents are welcomed and respected, professionals are empowered and encouraged, and a connection to the wider community allows students to see their place in the world around them. We invite you to become a part of this thriving learning community and welcome the contribution you will bring.

Principal: Margaret MacNeil, 617-984-8710

Assistant Principal: Katie Welch, 617-984-8710

At Parker Elementary, we know that learning can take place while students are having fun. That's what after-school programs are all about. Some students will brush up on basic skills while other students explore new interests. Programs vary throughout the year, depending on specific student needs and funding.

Current and/or recent extended day offerings at Parker include: BOKS, Homework Helpers, Peer Leaders, Game Time, Games Galore, STEM Superstars, Math Problem Solvers, Book Group, Robotics, and Parker Presents (drama club).