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The activities and fund raising efforts hosted by the PTO require the support of ALL Parker families, as we work together to support and enhance the important work that the Parker School staff does every day in service to our children's learning. In an effort to welcome and include all Parker families in this important work, we are trying a new format for our monthly meetings this year.

  • Our traditional Tuesday night PTO meetings will become Board Meetings, where discussion-based decisions regarding the programs and activities hosted by the PTO are collaboratively made. All parents are invited and welcome to join in these discussion-based planning meetings on the first Tuesday of the month at 6:00 PM in the Media Center.

  • In addition to these board meetings, there will be monthly information sessions for all parents. At these meetings, the minutes of the Board's planning session will be shared with all parents, highlighting a variety of ways through which all families can collaboratively support PTO efforts. Translation will be provided at these information sessions, held on the first Thursday of the month at 8:45 in Room 17B.

  • Translated meeting minutes will be posted below for those who are unable to attend either format.

We hope these multiple formats will provide more opportunities for everyone to get involved at a level that accommodates individual schedules, level of interest and availability.

If you have any questions, please contact Heather Carey, PTO at [email protected]

由PTO主办的活动和资金筹集活动需要所有Parker家庭的支持,我们一起努力支持和加强Parker学校工作人员每天为我们孩子的学习服务所做的重要工作。 为了欢迎Parker家庭参与这项重要工作,我们正在为今年的每月会议尝试一种新的格式。

  • 我们传统的星期二晚上PTO会议将成为董事会会议,其中 协助PTO主办的计划和活动的讨论决定。每月的第一个星期二下午6:00在媒体中心 欢迎所有家长参加这些基于讨论的规划会议。
  • 除了这些董事会会议之外,还将为所有家长举办每月信息会议。 在这些会议上,理事会规划会议的会议记录将与所有家长分享,强调所有家庭可以通过多种方式协作支持PTO的工作。 将在本月第一个星期四的早上8:45在17B室举行的资料通报会上提供翻译。
  • 会议翻译内容将会在Parker学校PTO网站上 给无法参加的会议家长们.


如果你有什么问题,请联络 Heather Carey, PTO at [email protected]

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